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Chess Shot Rough Animation

After all the character model sheets, layouts, storyboards, and color keys are finished, the next step is to start rough animating. I like to keep my roughs pretty clean for the most part, and I also color code the characters so it doesn't get to confusing once they interact with each other. Once the rough animation is timed out correctly and is pretty smooth, all that's left is ink and color!

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24 Hour "Shell Diving"

This short animation was done in under 24 hours by myself and a partner in a contest. We were given the theme of "dreaming" as soon as the contest started, so we had nothing thought out or planned. We figured out a scenario quickly and then began to split up the work. I was in charge of the animation, while my partner figured out the colors and backgrounds.

2010 - present

2010 - present

Beatmania Dance!

A while back, an internet meme began in Japan where characters would run and dance along to the beat of this song. I chose to redo this meme myself with my own characters! It was a great exersize for learning to synchronize animation movements to the beats of music. There were also a lot of twists and turns in the animation so it was good practice for turning characters around in space.